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My Balloon Mapping Experience!

by LailaL | April 30, 2021 18:20 30 Apr 18:20 | #26420 | #26420

LailaL was awarded the Excessive Enthusiasm Barnstar by amocorro for their work in this research note.

It was a fantastic experience for me! The lady we collaborated with was extremely pleasant and easy to work with. During this activity, I tied the balloon shut. At first, I didn't do it tight enough so I had to redo it. I actually had to put two ties. I noticed that the balloon didn't take that long to go up 500 feet. It took about 15 minutes.


@amocorro awards a barnstar to LailaL for their awesome contribution!

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@lailal so glad to hear you enjoyed this balloon mapping activity! Really important to tie those knots securely - thanks for sharing your best tips and tricks!

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