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ARAMANI – Advanced decision-support tool for selecting optimal participatory mapping method

by JirkaPanek | June 03, 2014 08:12 03 Jun 08:12 | #10527 | #10527

Dear fellow researchers, scientists, friends.

I have created, based on more than 150 survey answers, tool for advanced decision-making about selecting optimal participatory mapping method. This ( is the first beta version of the tool and it would be VERY helpful if you, people who are active in participatory research, can have a look at it, try it and tell me, what should be done better :-)

The whole survey and tool/research are parts of my PhD at the Department of Development Studies (

Thank you and have a nice day

Jirka Panek //


Hi Jirka,

This is an interesting tool. I'm not working on any participatory mapping projects at the moment but will try to test the questionnaires later in the year. Are you aware of the Open Forum on Participatory Geographic Information Systems and Technologies []? I expect that if you post your note on that forum you will get useful feedback. They have over 2500 members from all around the globe.

All the best,


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Hi Ned,

the tool will be much better in the autumn, please let me know when you use it, about your experience...

Yes I know, I posted the same message there as well :-)

Take care


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I just used the quick survey for the next group mapping exercise I'm going to lead later this month. it told me to go photo mapping, which was what we planned on doing and what my instincts suggested would be right! nice tool. Thanks for cross posting on PPGIS list as well.

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Hi Mathew,

thanks for trying and this feedback. I will post here, when the tool is ready to used...I mean the final version :-)

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