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Update #3: OSIDC Optical Motion Tracking Project

by Emmett_Dec | October 30, 2020 14:07 30 Oct 14:07 | #24877 | #24877

The general goal of this project is to set up an optical motion tracking system using raspberry pi cameras and motion tracking software. The biological question of this project is focused on testing the efficacy of applying the averaging theorem to the flapping dynamics of a certain species. Data will be gathered using inexpensive rapsberry pi v2 camera modules and a motion tracking software such as DLTdv will be used for image analysis. The primary consideration for the image-gathering portion of the instrument will be in the optimal positioning of the cameras to capture desired data simultaneously.


So great to see how your project is taking shape, @Emmett_Dec!

I imagine your inexpensive camera setup might be of interest to people gathering motion data in the field. Do you have any idea of the frame rate you'll be able to capture?

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Thanks, @bhamster!

It's not clear what the upper limit is yet, but it should be able to get at least 600 fps.

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