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Oil Testing Kit BetaBeta

by Craig | November 12, 2015 10:12 12 Nov 10:12 | #12404 | #12404

Better Late than Never So first off i apologise for not publishing anything earlier (i thought i had but it seems it never got uploaded)

here are a few photos of my original unboxing from the 5th sept IMG_0836.JPG

Kit Build Laser pen cuvette frame build comments

  1. V section laser pen support a bit fiddly to assemble, and Triangle cut outs are a little too small
  2. images in printed instructions in kit are very dark, may be better with sketches showing folds and with arrows showing direction (or use instructions online)
  3. could benefit from a support under laser pan at the area under push button to prevent sagging and prevent the laser beam moving causing different readings

Spectrometer 3.0 build comments

  1. Much easier to build due to the white printed grid on the outside faces
  2. camera position should be set with camera activated to check alignment on screen
  3. care must be taken to make sure the camera is vertically aligned or the scan area will be offset and effect accurate capture in workbench

Workbench calibration Using Osram 20w energy saving bulb


100% Mineral oil from test kit


100% crude oil from test kit


100% Diesel from test Kit


Note. that the oil sample Cuvette could do with improvement as the sample sits low and not level


Hello Craig - what light are you using in your scans? I don't see the 405 nm peak from the blue laser; was this by chance a full spectrum white bulb?

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