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Canon A480 NIR Conversion

by Chernabog | January 28, 2014 00:33 28 Jan 00:33 | #9985 | #9985

I have converted a Canon A480 with the Rosco #2007 filter so that I can (hopefully) do some comparisons with it compared to a Tetracam ADC Micro. I also have a Canon A2200 that I intend to modify with a Wratten 25a filter, although I am struggling to find a filter for it at the moment (anyone have any spare?).

Converting the A480

The process to convert the A480 is almost exactly the same as the A490/A495 with two exceptions, one which makes it a bit easier, and one slightly harder.

  1. You do not need to unplug the button pads ribbon cable to move the LCD display out of the way (it only has one cable rather than two attaching it to the camera).

  2. When removing the sensor, there are two very small springs under it that will mostly likely ping out (see the picture for where they are), so watch out for them and make sure you remember to put them back in again.

I found the conversion to be fairly easy, especially after following the video for the A490/A495, its just the springs that were unexpected. I haven't taken a shot outside with it yet, but once it stops raining (it does that a lot in Scotland) I will be giving it a go and will start posting my results.


That's good to know about the A480. Thanks for adding it to the wiki page.

There is a pretty good deal on ebay right now for four 2"x2" gel filters including a 25A. But you missed an auction for two 3"x3" gel filters including 25A and 47B because I just buyed it now. The 47B looks like it might be better than the Rosco for infrablue, although more expensive. But I really wanted the 25A so I can corner the market.

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The postage on that auction is a killer for me as its $47 ... will have to have a think about that, its more expensive than the camera!

You are indeed cornering the market ;)

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It looks like it costs about $1.15 for me to mail a letter to Scotland. So if you can't find another source, get in touch via the g-mail thing (cfastie)

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Thanks for the offer but I think I have just found a decent UK supplier ... ... who do wratten gelatin filters (expensive) but also polyster (not to pricey) and some even cheaper acrylic ones that seem to pass similar wavelengths to the wratten 25a ... im thinking I might get this one :)

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That light red acrylic filter looks like it will provide a very pure NIR image in the blue channel, and about as good a red image as you can get. That's a good price, too. Can't wait to see images.

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