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Public Lab Community Newsletter 9.29.2013

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I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Things are in full swing for Public Lab in New Orleans at the moment as staff arrive in preparation for next weekend’s Barnraising. We’re all looking forward to a busy, productive event! Read on for more information on Barnraising and to see what else has been happening in the community.

Announcements The GivKwik competition for $5,000 ends tomorrow. We’ve fallen to 4th place--help us get to first by tomorrow by voting and spreading this word!

Upcoming events Shout out for our community who will be on the move this week to convene at LUMCON for Barnraising 2013! Stay tuned for Skype sessions / Google hangouts where you can join in with the crew.

New and ongoing projects This Sunday September 29th (today!), Nick Johnson is leading balloon aerial mapping workshops at Freshkills Landfill Park "SneakPeak" event. Public Lab, the New York City Parks Department, Open Trash Lab and the Center for Urban Science and Progress all came together to make this possible. Keep an eye out for an update.

Eclectis: a week of civic science in Amsterdam North: You need to see these pictures of "Camera Box" Infragram helmets that Cindy Regaldo and Jeff Warren created with the Waag Society during a workshop last week in Amsterdam.

World Maker Faire was awesome! We reunited with so many far flung community members as well as met tons of new folks. Great representation from teachers, too. We had an amazing crew demonstrating spectrometers and aerial mapping, namely Katie Gradowski, Zach Hirschritt, Sara Farmer, Eymund Diegel, Gena Wirth, Jen Hudon, Stefan "Dogi" Unterhauser, Jeremy, Alex Hoekstra, Will Ward, Don Blair. Check out the link to our live streamed panel presentation.

Hot topics on the mailing lists From the Spectrometry list, Jeff has put together a page to display some stats on the growth of our community and library. Check them out here and join the discussion if you have suggestions for other useful measures.

If anything was missed, please post a research note or send a message to the list. Have a great week everyone!

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