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Mouth of Bayou St. John into Lake Pontchartrain. New Orleans, Louisiana.

By Cartographer: Scott Eustis and Stewart Long | Mapper: Scott Eustis

30.025 N, -90.082 E


Ground resolution: 3.7 cm/px

Capture date: 2013-04-03

Publication date: 2014-02-12

License: Public Domain

Research Note:


Another map of a "before" the restoration project. I need to do a second run north of the bridge, to capture the sandbar without so much distortion

mappers: scott eustis, solo kite: little bear camera: powershot 1400 rig: soda bottle time: 3 hours

Started mapping on the west side of the bayou, but found that there was a lot more runway on the east side. the combination of lake, levee, and runway, as well as future wetlands, make this spot a prime spot for teaching aerial mapping of wetlands with kites and balloons.

There are also lots of dog owners and fishermen out, regularly.

Cartographer notes


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