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Thermal camera

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Proposed Boston Neighborhood Thermal Camera Project

Public Laboratory and Sprout (Jeff Warren and Michael Nagle) are interested in working with other energy-efficiency-concerned residents in the Boston area to design and build a few thermal cameras. These could be used to 'photograph' where heat leaks out of homes, local businesses, schools, etc. like in this image (not from our camera):

FLIR house

We'd like to host a series of workshops and invite collaboration with anyone who feels like they'd enjoy or benefit from having such a camera. The MIT Center for Future Civic Media has generously offered to fund a small number of cameras for local use, though we hope that the cost will be low enough that others can make their own.

We's like to demonstrate how the camera might work (and show a prototype) at an existing community 'green' event. Folks who are interested in collaborating (testing the camera, suggesting improvements, building one yourself) are encouraged to get in touch with Jeff Warren or Michael Nagle. Or just join the Public Laboratory mailing list at:

We think it'd be great to build a core group with other concerned Boston residents to do biweekly or monthly meet/work/invent sessions.

Scanning thermal camera diagram

(A diagram showing how a simple thermal camera could work.)


Show what previous workshops have been like, talk about outcomes, diagram the camera. Circulate., Google form, ?