Public Lab is occasionally able to offer in-person workshops to interested people, groups or organizations. Information about workshops fees, scheduling and regional availability will be coming soon. Are you interested in connecting with a member of the Public Lab staff or community to schedule a workshop or event? [Fill out this form]( or join us on one of our [Tuesday Open Calls]( to let us know a little more about your needs and we'll get back to you! ## Types Of Workshops **Building & Using A Tool ** This workshop would include an introduction to a tool in the Public Lab suite, a guided building activity, and opportunities to use the completed tool with a sample. This workshop will also include instructions and support for use of relevant software used to collect, interpret or share data, and ways that DIY/open source tools can be incorporated into a study design. This workshop can be extended to include sample collection or field testing (on site), use of a complementary tool (such as using a trawl to collect samples for a microscope), or a creative prototyping activity. Example: Constructing a microscope, simple air sensor, or conductivity sensor and examining samples in the classroom. **Aerial Mapping/Site Survey ** Using a kite, balloon or pole kit (as appropriate given the specifics of the site), Public Lab staff will guide attendees in setting up an aerial mapping rig and camera, collecting aerial imagery, and uploading images to Mapknitter. Advance planning to ensure suitability of the site and transportation of supplies is required. Public Lab staff will discuss how aerial mapping has been used by other groups and ways that aerial mapping can be incorporated into a study design. Example: Group meets in an outdoor location, workshop leader demonstrates how to prep and launch an aerial mapping rig, after which images are examined and findings are shared/discussed. **Prototyping Activity ** Starting with an existing Public Lab tool (or suite of tools), attendees will discuss challenges and opportunities for a given tool or method, brainstorm alternative ways to assemble hardware, and experiment with ways that new or modified devices can be used to collect data in different environments. Example: Participants start with a tool they have already used successfully (to some extent) and work together to modify it for use in a specific type of research or environment, such as reconfiguring a microscope to utilize NDVI, adapting a sensor's housing for use in a marine environment, or exploring stabilization/rigging methods for aerial mapping. ## Questions Are you interested in leading a workshop, or what to know how other people are offering advice about ways to incorporate Public Lab tools or methods into outreach or educational spaces? [You can post questions to the community here. ]( To help others see your post, we suggest using the tags "questions:workshops" or "questions:education". [questions:workshops] ## Activities Take a look at some of the workshops that members of the Public Lab community are planning, or have offered in the past. [activities:workshops] If you are reaching out on behalf of a community who is interested in working with the community at large, or partnering with Public Lab on a bigger project, you can still use the linked form above, or [share a post about your work. ]( ...

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