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We're looking for maps to publish in the open data PLOTS Archive. To get your data published, please follow the instructions below. (This page generally replaces the previous version)

Why: About the PLOTS Archive

The Archive is a collection of open data maps produced by grassroots mappers, and is like an inverse -- open grassroots data rather than open government data. To better fulfill our goal of producing new open-source data sets, the Archive serves as the repository of those sets online, and as a starting point for the discourse we hope they will spark.


Your map must be licensed with an open source license, and we prefer Public Domain maps. Creative Commons Attribution is also OK. Read more on the Licenses page

Beyond the archive: your map's story

Maps are more than just data - they tell a story. If you can write about the story behind your map (how you made it, why, with whom, and what happened), that would make a great research note, and it can also be added to the archive entry.


Edit this page and list your map here to submit it to the Archive and we'll be in touch! Contact once you've added your map.

Example Map Name

  • example MapKnitter or TMS/GeoTiff link
  • Cartographer: Katie Kartographer
  • Mappers: Matty Mapper
  • Public Domain
  • Location name (local name, state, country)
  • Date of capture
  • credits: names of cartographers/mappers involved

Arts District - Asheville, North Carolina

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Added to the archive

Bayou St. Denis, Louisiana