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Public Lab helps EVERYONE Monitor the Environment

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The nonprofit Public Laboratory was explicitly created to develop tools that any one can use to monitor environmental issues.

(image of super expensive env. monitoring tool that only helps industry)

Conventional Environmental Monitoring tools are designed for Industry

History of Citizen Envionrmental Monitoring Civic Science began about 13 years ago . . . it's growing . . . . and it depends on accessible monitoring tools for nonexperts . . .

(image of a tool developed to address a symptom not the toxicology)

Tools are often developed around symptoms not toxicology. Explanation . . . . .

(image of a newspaper heading saying something like "INDUSTRY FINDS XSXX DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER")

We use a model of health symptom correlation not toxicology causation to examine the effects of our environment on our health . . . . more on why this makes sense . . .

We build on the framework of environmental justice text goes here . . . .

*Public Lab Case Studies

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