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PLOTS-organizers list

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Research note on this topic:


The plots-organizers list is an email list for people that are both key organizers in their communities and key contributors to the Public Lab community through work on things such as the website and communications. The new list is based on the previous "team" list, where typical emails are about upcoming events (sometimes there are speaking/travel opportunities),organizing local chapters, and other topics related to the Public Lab community rather than simply research.

We're basically hoping to expand the list a bit to help connect organizers to one another and also to have a more transparent way to join the list.

Criteria (open to revision):

  • a nomination (person nominating provides statement about why they are nominating) and 2 supporting nominations (i.e. an existing member nominates someone and 2 others would say “i second that” and “i third that”)
  • self-nomination (a short statement about your work and the mission statement) + 2 supporting nominations
  • other ideas?


Please list your name if you are nominating and if you are providing a supporting nomination, list your name as well:

  • Example nominee name (second,third here)

    • Nomination text here
  • Matthew Xi (

    • Shannon nominating
    • Scott [eustatic] seconds, according to description below
    • Matthew and his partner Gwen are currently working on a platform called Rhus that we are hopefully going to use in association with H2S photo strip testing. He is also starting to work with the H2S photo strip test in the Bay area of California with Stewart and has been working with us in Louisiana to figure out good models for testing for H2S in wetlands.

(To view old nominations, see