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Research note on this topic:


The plots-organizers list is an email list for people that are both key organizers in their communities and key contributors to the Public Lab community through work on things such as the website and communications. The new list is based on the previous "team" list, where typical emails are about upcoming events (sometimes there are speaking/travel opportunities),organizing local chapters, and other topics related to the Public Lab community rather than simply research.

We're basically hoping to expand the list a bit to help connect organizers to one another and also to have a more transparent way to join the list.

Criteria (open to revision):

  • a nomination (person nominating provides statement about why they are nominating) and 2 supporting nominations (i.e. an existing member nominates someone and 2 others would say “i second that” and “i third that”)
  • self-nomination (a short statement about your work and the mission statement) + 2 supporting nominations
  • other ideas?


Please list your name if you are nominating and if you are providing a supporting nomination, list your name as well:

  • Example nominee name (second,third here)

    • Nomination text here
  • Cindy Regalado (

    • Shannon nominating, seconding: Jeff
    • Cindy is a student at University College London in the Extreme Citizen program that Muki Hakaly runs. Cindy has actively been organizing community members in the Mildmay community of London around use of Public Lab tools (primarily the thermal flashlight and balloon mapping currently). More information about this project can be found here:
  • Ricardo Abad (
    • Jeff nominating, Ricardo wrote his own intro:
    • Hey guys, I work for a local NGO in Mato Grosso Brasil and I think it would be awesome to have a mailing list in portuguese. Me and my staff would be happy to moderate it especially if more people would start using balloon mapping to monitor reforestation projects in the Amazon. Our intention is to use the imagery along with data collected on the field to evaluate the success or failure of forest restoration. Although there are many other applications to the ballons, this is the one we want to focus on. Please advise us on how we can kickstart this!
  • Juan Pablo Torrente (
  • Ned Horning (
    • Jeff nominating, seconding: Chris Fastie, third: Shannon
    • Ned is an active balloon/kite/pole mapper from Vermont who has been contributing to the near-infrared imaging project. He is the developer of an open source infrared image processing script/macro which he's been testing with Pat Coyle and Chris Fastie.
    • Ned's bio says: I live and work from a home office in central Vermont but I work for the American Museum of Natural History's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation in New York City. I've been working with remote sensing and GIS for over 25 years and have an interest in photo-monitoring and am a strong proponent of open source software and the citizen science approach to collecting data.

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