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OpenHour is an interactive seminar hosted by the Public Lab Community both online and in person. The topics of OpenHour vary from presentations on tools and methods, discussions on environmental issues, to approaches to data-based advocacy. OpenHour is a great way to meet people in the Public Lab Community. Bring your research, your ideas, and your questions; and join us for OpenHour.

  • OpenHour is held the first Monday of the month.
  • The time alternates between 8:00pm ET (odd months) and 1:00pm ET (even months).
  • See schedule below for times and topics.
  • The event is hosted on Zoom -- see weblink and call-in numbers in the event info below!

OpenHour Schedule:

June 5th at 1pm ET (5pm GMT): Facilitation Techniques and Resources

On the front lines of environmental struggles, pressure is high, collaboration is necessary, and plans and decisions need to be made. Good facilitation techniques in meetings and in strategy development can make all the difference. Among other things, good facilitation can help people to stay on topic, be heard, make decisions, and ensure that everyone has a safe space to contribute. In this OpenHour we'll be talking about facilitation techniques and hearing from individuals who employ different styles of facilitation in their efforts.

- Maria Frangos: I am a user experience designer engaged in both practice-based work and design research activities. I am committed to open and collaborative processes that promote the creation of freely accessible technologies and knowledge. My work is concerned with facilitating design processes, translating stakeholder needs and transferring / sharing knowledge. I believe that through these efforts, designers can foster trust, while empowering individuals in the co-creation process.

- Max Liboiron: (bio to be posted soon!)

- Klie Kliebert: (bio to be posted soon!)

Link to Join

Or call in: 1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) Meeting ID: 856 738 791

International numbers available here

Past OpenHours

Click here for the OpenHour archive and watch any of the OpenHours listed below

2017 OpenHours

  • May 1st: Art in Environmental Science Advocacy
  • April 3rd: Fundraising for Projects
  • March 6th: Water Water Everywhere! A discussion of monitoring strategies and tools
  • February 6th: New Year, New Challenges: the shifting landscape of advocacy
  • January 9th: Classifying Waste

2016 OpenHours

  • December 5th: Environmental monitoring methods recognized by enforcement bodies
  • November 7th: New contributors to open source code
  • October 3rd: Such Activities, Very Replication!
  • September 6th: Google Summer of Code Projects
  • August 1st: Public Comment on Environmental Issues
  • July 7th: Learning about the Barnraising in Val Verde!
  • June 6th: Exploring Proof
  • May 2nd: Public Lab's research culture
  • April 4th: Open Access to Environmental Data
  • March 7th: Soil and Soil Testing
  • February 1st: Landfills: Mapping and Monitoring!
  • January 28th: Live Call on QGIS

2015 OpenHours

  • December 7th: The Oil Testing Kit!
  • November 2nd: Gearing up for the Barnraising
  • October 20th, Live Call: Calibration and Characterization of DIY ​Instrumentation
  • October 5th: Formaldehyde and the Plant Remediation Experiment
  • September 9th: "Transparency in Environmental Policy and Science."
  • August 3rd, Mapping in the Middle of it!
  • July 6th: Open Air Projects
  • June 1st: Public Lab Web Development behind the code
  • May 4th: Public Lab's 5 year anniversary party!
  • Monday, April 6th: Learning
  • March 2nd: Engaging in "C" Science
  • February 2nd: Lending Libraries
  • January: Energy!

2014 OpenHours

  • December 1st:Public Lab: A year in review and what's coming next.
  • November 18th: the Water Hackathon in New Orleans
  • November 3rd: Gearing up for the Barnraising!
  • October 6th: Events and Event Hosting
  • September 1st: Open Topic Session
  • August 4th: Thermal Imaging
  • July 28th: Open Air: air pollutants and air quality monitoring tools
  • July 21st: Water Contaminants and Detection
  • July 14, 2014: Spectral Analysis
  • July 7, 2014: Near Infrared Photography
  • June 30th, 2014: Aerial Mapping

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