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Open hour can be hosted by anyone about anything. Many are hosted by organizers. The topics of open hour vary from presentations on tools and methods, discussions on environmental issues, to approaches to data-based advocacy. Each call will include time for introductions, discussion, and questions. Open hour may be virtual or face-to-face, and are promoted broadly across the global Public Lab community. Propose new sessions on the Talk page.

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May 7, 2014, 7PM EST: Water Contaminants

This first call was dedicated to water contaminants. Listen to the audio here
Topics for the call are covered as follows:
-Introduction and Sorting Topics: 0:00-15:00
-Structure and Purpose of the Wiki: 15:15-20:35
-Oil Contaminants and Heavy Metals: 21:00-30:24
-Detecting Contaminants in Drinking Water: 30:24-40:20
-Fecal Testing in Water: 40:20-48:10
-Glyphosate: 48:10- 25:00
-The Riffle: 52:00-1h7
-Structure of the Talk and Future Talks: 1h7-end

  • See the wiki page on this topic
  • **See this document for notes on the call.

    May 14, 2014, 8PM EST: Water Contaminants

  • See the wiki page on this topic:
  • **See this document for notes on the call:

    May 21, 2014: Water Contaminants

    May 28, 2014: unscheduled

    June 4, 2014: unscheduled