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Project Planning

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Aug-Oct Lightning funding:

21 days of proposals and discussion starting on XXX.

Order: Stewart, Liz, Shannon, Sara, Adam, Mathew, Jeff (put dates for each one)

Pitch a number of spending proposals for the first 1/4 of our first year's budget. Like a mini version of Liz's NYC overview but broken into small modules with price tags.

  • a couple sentences each, maybe 5 tops
  • who/what/why
  • which site/tool
  • est. amount (out of a total Aug thru Oct amount of $xxx/7, ish)
  • ask for input where you want it
  • program goals and long-term objectives

This is not our salaries, just spending from categories X,Y,Z:

(I've divided the Year 1 budget by 4 here, but keep in mind these amounts are for all 7 of us)

TOTAL: $25,100

Maps $2400 Logbook $25 Mapping kits $750 guides $75 research supplies for in-the-works projects $1500 field kits/equipment (4 tools) $625 web infrastructure $125 Server costs $1250 "Office equipment" $500 workspace $3750 mobile internet and phone $675 media/videos/marketing $750 contractors: research assistants/consultants $3750 PLOTS transportation (train, car, bus) $2,000 sponsoring others to travel $1,250 Printing and Publishing $1225 Postage and Shipping $300 Fundraising costs $150