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This is the work plan for the "ComDevAd" program area of the non-profit. Check out the overall timeline of community development in public lab here:


"HEDWIG", AKA, tool page headers and wiki organization working group

Support conduct and moderation working groups:

  • Add /Conduct to these places:
    • /signup form (link, checkbox, force readthrough)
    • check with ppl who are already signed up (pop-up?)
    • in the standard footer that's on all websites
    • as a link in the dropdown menu page "Get Involved" (FYI this generally needs updating)
    • make a new section called "Core Values" on the "About Public Lab" page
    • on github repos (as fulltext)
    • on comment / research note forms (like how we ask again about open sourcing)
    • a "how to print & post this at an event" thing, and also as a single slide to put into multi-day event kickoff decks
    • on event invitations, letting people know this Code of Conduct will be in effect


  • clean google group exports
  • begin plugging numbers into a final report


  • spiff up first contact via kits &social media
  • figure out what to do with group members not receiving email
  • geography on PL --
    • update drop down menus
    • gradually remove mentions of chapters
  • blog on public commenting, ref 18F's work on
  • Organizers Summit -- what do we want to do? research culture?
  • support NASA partners in Chesapeake Bay