Research Curation Fellows

Public Lab’s Research Curation Fellows are growing shared knowledge on environmental health topics related to **air**, **water**, **soil/land**, and **community organizing and advocacy**. _Lead image: @mollydanielsson_ On this page you can: Learn more about Research Curation Fellowships See who the current Research Curation Fellows are Find out about public events that Fellows host Read research notes and wikis by and about Research Curation Fellows Check out the Research Curation Fellows handbook _You can receive updates from Research Curation Fellows and information about the Fellowships by following the tag `research-curation-fellows`_ Follow Research Curation Fellows ## About Research Curation Fellowships Research Curation Fellowships enable individuals with experience and interest in an environmental health topic related to air, water, soil/land, or community organizing and advocacy to grow both their personal knowledge, as well as a larger network of collaborators within that topic area on Public Lab’s platforms. Over the 12 months of the Fellowship, Research Curation Fellows will work individually in their research area, and as a cohort among other Research Curation Fellows to share knowledge and best practices across topics. **Major goals of Research Curation Fellowships for each topic area:** 1. Network with scientists, technologists, and/or organizers working in the environmental topic area and invite contributions to Public Lab’s community science resources in this area. 2. Organize quarterly virtual events where contributors and other interested community members can connect on the environmental topic. 3. Co-organize a once annual, three-month period of focused outreach and content development in their focus topic area with Public Lab’s Research Coordinator, culminating in a half-day event featuring research highlights, community conversations, and demos or live builds of environmental monitoring tools. ## Current Research Curation Fellows Four Research Curation Fellows are starting in spring 2021 and will be working within the topics of air, water, soil/land, and community organizing and advocacy. + **[Alejo Bonifacio](**, @alejobonifacio, [Water Research Curation Fellow]( + **[Julia Masters](**, @julia_e_masters, [Organizing & Advocacy Research Curation Fellow]( + **[Laurel Mire](**, @laurel_mire, [Land Research Curation Fellow]( + **[Vania Fong](**, @fongvania, [Air Research Curation Fellow]( Learn more about each of these Fellows in [this post]( and their own introductory posts linked above! ## Events by Research Curation Fellows Calls that Research Curation Fellows host will appear below. [Follow the tag `research-curation-fellows-event`]( to receive updates on these events. [notes:grid:research-curation-fellows-event] ## Research notes and wikis Research notes tagged with `research-curation-fellows` will appear here [notes:research-curation-fellows] Wiki pages tagged with `research-curation-fellows` will appear here [wikis:research-curation-fellows] ## Research Curation Fellows handbook _Coming soon_ ...

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