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##2015 "10 slides on Public Lab" **** **** Other presentations formerly on this page have now been archived as research notes tagged with "presentation". [Find them all listed here](/notes/presentation) ##Public Lab model for collaboration ---- ##Your own aerial imagery: Public Lab workflow into OpenStreetMap## 2013-06-09 State of the Map US: Public Lab + OpenStreetMap from LizBarry ##Creating cheap open source aerial imagery and data for community efforts to cleanup a polluted neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, USA## _Eymund Diegel, PICNIC 2011, Amsterdam_ View more presentations from European Journalism Centre ...

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cfastie "Hi Patrick, With 60 people, 30 minutes is barely enough time to go outside and come back in, even without doing anything at either place. So you m..." | Read more » over 4 years ago
pdhixenbaugh "Is there a plab page with instructions for what to get, and how to do it? " | Read more » over 4 years ago
liz "Can you go outside? I'd say the classic kite + camera flight, followed by mapmaking is still a crowd-pleaser! To make it super short, you could alr..." | Read more » over 4 years ago
stevie "Hi Patrick! I just did this one with a group of about 80. It's an hour, but I'm sure it could be shortened. It's more conceptual "how we build idea..." | Read more » over 4 years ago
warren "I've done spectrometer building with people -- that works pretty well, although it's good to practice first. Balloon mapping is a bit much for 30 m..." | Read more » over 4 years ago