Image Sequencer

Image Sequencer is an online tool for image processing -- based on the idea of a storyboard. Each modification makes a new copy of the image, resulting in a series of images showing each step. It is designed for use in browsers, as well as on the [Raspberry Pi](/pi-camera). This project is supported in part by the [NASA AREN project](/aren) ## Why Image Sequencer is different from other image processing systems in that it's **non-destructive**: instead of modifying the original image, it creates a new image at each step in a sequence. This is because it: * produces a legible trail of operations, to "show your work" for evidential, educational, or reproducibility reasons * makes the creation of new tools or "modules" simpler -- [each must accept an input image, and produce an output image]( * allows many images to be run through the same sequence of steps - batch processing * works identically in the browser, on Node.js, and on the command line [See this great introduction](/notes/ccpandhare/03-18-2017/developing-image-sequencer-as-a-library) by @ccpandhare. Read more in-depth on the [Image Sequencer GitHub page]( Check out the Image Sequencer User Manual by @MaggPi: [![diagram-workflows.png](]( **** ## Activities [activities:image-sequencer] **** ## Questions [questions:image-sequencer] **** ## NDVI There's now an "NDVI" feature in MapKnitter -- a beta -- for converting the images you upload with the #NDVI equation. It's set up for red filters only right now, but more will come. It uses Image Sequencer to do the conversion, which is temporary - your map is not affected, so think of it as a "filter" you can turn on. Need help? Ask questions above! How it looks: ![Screen_Shot_2018-05-07_at_12.16.38_PM.png]( ...

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