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Question: Does anyone have experience assembling low-cost VOC kits using Adafruit’s VOC sensor?

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by stevie | February 28, 2020 17:23 | #22967

Bringing this question in from @sarasage

"I know a bit of Arduino and electronics and am looking to prototype low-cost, low-power VOC detectors over the summer for our community.

A link to the adafruit sensor: "


More specifically, does anyone have experience with VOC breakout boards for Arduino?

Do you prefer a different manufacturer?

Do you have experience using AQ Arduino devices in the field?

Thanks! Sara

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interested in this for sure


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The Adafruit VOC sensor module uses a CCS-811 VOC sensor. Modules with these sensors cost about half as much when purchased on eBay from sellers in Asia.

These modules seem to produce meaningful results. My experience with them is limited (only two research notes:


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