Question: What type of health issues are associated with inhalation of ultrafine particles?

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by liz | August 04, 2017 13:55 | #14718

What type of health issues are associated with inhalation of ultrafine particles?

Background story:

This question comes from community members in Pennsylvania who are concerned about the long term health effects of inhalation of a dehydrated waste product coming from an abattoir (slaughterhouse). This waste product consists mostly of particulates smaller than PM2.5 (ultrafines) and also includes calcium and heavy metals, and has a listed pH of 12.4-12.8. See

Some community members have been inhaling this product for 31 months, others for as long as 43 months. They are observing health effects amongst their neighbors, and are starting to keep records, but don't want to jump to conclusions. There are a set of interrelated questions:

  • Are these are related to the nearby industrial animal processing facility?
  • What we might expect the health effects for our community to be?
  • How we should document these health effects?
  • Are there steps we should be taking to protect our health?

NB, Previously, this community has inquired specifically about calcium and received very helpful answers:


Here are some helpful databases to look for information.

Information specific to any individual, community, or workplace would require a systematic and detailed assessment about history, context, other patterns over geography and time of the exposures and health co-occurring health concerns. This helps determine what can or should be prioritized. This type of needs assessment usually requires financial support to complete in a meaningful way.

It may also help to let us know the specific goals for using the information? Multiple health outcomes could be plausibly linked to supporting scientific literature from research in other contexts, but the strength of supporting those associations are relevant to this situation may require some extra work and detail. Some initial helpful questions may include: Have employees or workers most commonly exposed expressed concerns about their health or the application process as well? Are there health providers or public health officials who have (without prompting) noted suspicious patterns that come up in their routine clinical practice?

Public labs has some crowdsourcing tools they are partnering to develop to share and map exposures and health outcomes that may be helpful to this community moving forward.

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