Question: I need a help I'm doing a research project on NVDI processes

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by camiloreyes | August 10, 2017 15:26 | #14728

Good morning I am interested in the process making the software image conversion infrared, I have a question I have a camera nikon d5300 and let me know if I can use the investment process with that camera or any other that has technology DSLR, I want to know if I have to install a filter or make some modification, thanks for your help.

I am doing a montage of a drone with a camera to make infrared photos but the infrared camera is expensive but I want to use a professional or semi-professional camera to reduce costs and I also want to learn about the NDVI theme


The differential reflection in the red and infrared (IR) bands enables you to monitor density and intensity of green vegetation growth using the spectral reflectivity of solar radiation. Green leaves commonly show better reflection in the near-infrared wavelength range than in visible wavelength ranges. When leaves are water stressed, diseased, or dead, they become more yellow and reflect significantly less in the near-infrared range. Clouds, water, and snow show better reflection in the visible range than in the near-infrared range, while the difference is almost zero for rock and bare soil. The NDVI process creates a single-band dataset that mainly represents greenery. The negative values represent clouds, water, and snow, and values near zero represent rock and bare soil. for more read

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