Question: How accurate is data on WebFire?

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by ajg434 | June 23, 2020 18:37 | #24025

WebFire is where emission data is inputed by corporations across the nation. I am curious to find out how accurate the data that is listed on its website.


Hi @ajg434, thanks for posting this question. For others interested in WebFIRE, here's the website:

@DavidMack I saw you mention the EPA's National Emissions Inventory on this other post about emissions data. Would you happen to have any insights into this question about WebFIRE? Thank you!

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It's quite a broad question to answer but when people use WebFire to estimate emissions, it's generally the best information available. Sources could probably improve the data by hiring test companies to perform site specific tests and that would likely be more accurate, however that's not always practical for all sources, particularly for area sources, e.g. a lagoon, rock quarry, agricultural burning.

Also note that the factors themselves are each rated A through E for reliability.

See figure 1, page 4:

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks @DavidMack for taking the time to share your thoughts and this additional context about the reliability of the emissions factors.

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