Question: What would be the day to day use of spectroscopy?

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by TK_Siddharth | September 20, 2018 09:22 | #17143

I need a detailed notes on spectroscopes and spectroscopy.


Sorry for the delay in answering.

Spectroscopy is used many places in industry and medicine. For example, a variation of visible spectrometry is used in many blood analyzers. It is often used in industry, as well. Say for carbon black analysis (PNA or polynuclear aromatics) are often done in the vis, although it does take a long soxhlet extraction first.

If you want to expand into other parts of the spectra, say the near infrared, you often see daily applications in agriculture. The percentage of nitrogen in grain is often detected with near infrared.

High pressure liquid chromatography( HPLC) often used UV/VIS detectors. So much HPLC work used spectrometry. This is often called 3d HPLC.

Vendor app notes may also help. Check them for more possible uses.

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Thanks for your explanation

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Nice to know !

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