Question: Is it possible to calculate average NDVI in a picture using infragram's sand box?

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by Hala73 | May 03, 2018 19:42 | #16288

hi all,

I am using pictures taking with a camera modified with infragram's NDVI lense (red filter I think) to derive NDVI as: (R-B)/(R+B). I'd like to know if I can calculate the average NDVI in a picture, or a selected area in a picture using infragram's sandbox. Should use a different software for that?



I don't think calculations at can be used for anything but determining the color of a new image. The Photo Monitoring plugin and Fiji can average any part of an NDVI image:


Thank you, these are plugins for PC but I'll look for something similar that works on a mac.

Hi, @Hala73 - Fiji can be installed on a mac, actually -- and ImageJ (same app) on Linux.

I'll give it a try then, thanks!

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We're developing a new system based on Infragram, which is more systematic, and can output things like averages, etc. We're testing this out now and it's a prototype, but you should be able to use this to calculate NDVI from an image, then average the result:,average

If you want to crop a specific region first, you can use:,crop,average

However there is a bug in the crop module that may cause you some trouble -- we're working on it but it's dicey at the moment.

Thanks for that, I'll give it a try and let you know how it worked

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