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I found out about Public Lab while trying to get public & regulators' attention to a train that leaked ~30,000 gallons of oil along the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge in February of 2014, winter of the polar vortex. The spill stretched at least 30 miles, along the Refuge's Upper Pools 4 & 5. Despite the 50 photos I took, and documentation of the USFWS, nothing happened. Documenting, researching & photographing the environmental impact of events, especially mines, in Western Wisconsin & neighboring Minnesota is my passion. This passion started in 2011 when a sand mine was proposed in Eau Claire county, where I live. I decided to photograph before & after photos of mines. This has turned into an enormous and difficult, in fact impossible project. More than 100 mines in Wisconsin is more than I ever imagined-. Since then, I have photographed, including 3 aerial shoots, documented, researched, and spoken at public hearings for mine permitting, etc.

In addition, I am a member of Eau Claire County Groundwater Advisory Committee.

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