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Hello! I'm the Operations Manager here at Public Lab. My areas of interest are Biology, Water Management and Social Work. I do a lot of things in those worlds - and optimally where those worlds collide, aka here! I also work as the Communications and Outreach Specialist at Water Works, where we hope to achieve more equitable flood protection and sustainability in and around my home town of New Orleans. The rest of my time is spent with various social organizations on different projects, as my main goal is leaving this place better than how we found it. I mayyyy be known in Public Lab as the person who makes you do those "feels" exercises where you have to write nice things about each other, but also as a GIF guru, cat fanatic, and overall digital media maker. I am also a 2016 Loyola University Institute for Environmental Communications Fellow.

You can find me and my inaccurately named cat, Turkey, on Twitter (@lrklie), Instagram (@klie__), or via email at klie@publiclab.org.

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