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sarasage "Thank you so much for posting this! I purchased a couple of VOC detectors over the last week and wanted to know how the off-brand VOC detectors far..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
sarasage "More specifically, does anyone have experience with VOC breakout boards for Arduino? Do you prefer a different manufacturer? Do you have experien..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
sarasage "Are you in California, by any chance? " | Read more » almost 3 years ago
sarasage "Wow, this looks exciting. A quick interjection here - one of the most challenging aspects of organizing groups of people gathering environmental da..." | Read more » over 4 years ago
sarasage "RKI (Riken Keiki) makes an popular 4-gas monitor, the GX-2012, which includes CO, O2 as well as CH4. The cal station doubles the cost of the equipm..." | Read more » over 4 years ago