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neilh20 "Very interesting. A new board from seeed is intriguing- though a bit pricey - seems like it could be turned into an auto-monitoring system. https:/..." | Read more » over 6 years ago
neilh20 "Wow amazing mockup video. Any thoughts on slime buildup on sensor windows.? I don't know whether a heat-shrink tubing could be useful? http://www.m..." | Read more » over 8 years ago
neilh20 "I haven't much knowledge of the "framework: to understand this thread - other than I develop sensors and then visualize the readings via the cloud..." | Read more » over 9 years ago
neilh20 "Hi Ken, great description of all the hardware and photos !! I was wondering have you got a software interface description - whot runs over the ser..." | Read more » over 9 years ago
neilh20 "Hey fantastic to have a calibrated gas sensor as the starting point. It is essential to the definition of "quality" in any air quality measurement ..." | Read more » over 9 years ago
neilh20 "Hi Don, looks great procedure, and while not knowing if it actually works - it does give a procedure for establishing a range for a specific set of..." | Read more » over 9 years ago
neilh20 "Hey Donblair - you've got some great posts. The above was from my experience - working with designing a simple water level measurement device. Real..." | Read more » over 9 years ago