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ecta64 "I'm having a hard time figuring out to approve this or not. While there might be a reason to publish info on trying to make a drone to kill lionfis..." | Read more » over 7 years ago
ecta64 "Thanks for the Tyvek!! The scale I have has worked out well. The only thing is I might still say to get a 2kg for days that are really turbulent an..." | almost 8 years ago
ecta64 "maybe a pulley setup like in this video might be useful too. About 25 min in. " | about 8 years ago
ecta64 "That's really curious. I have been debating about getting a 5kg scale cause my 250 gram and 1kg don't cover enough wind range now that I switched t..." | about 8 years ago
ecta64 "Interesting. I have always wanted to visit Mauritius. Its a fascinating place ecologically. The dodo bird was a favorite animal of mine growing up ..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
ecta64 "I did decide to retrofit the keel spars onto my horned Allison kite. I'm now curious to see what performance advantages it might have over one with..." | about 8 years ago
ecta64 "That looks fantastic!!!!!! Awesome job! This design can get pretty up there in terms of flying angle. Due to some oversight I left out the keel spa..." | about 8 years ago
ecta64 "My experience has been quite good in gusty conditions so far. I added a design overview video where you can get a better look at the kite. It pulls..." | about 8 years ago
ecta64 "I think this is a fantastic way to alleviate the problem of spam. " | Read more » about 8 years ago
ecta64 "You could always make the kite out of paper/garbage bag plastic or more standard materials. I just prefer the Tyvek but the kite I used to get the ..." | over 8 years ago
ecta64 "You know I was almost going to add in my note that you could draw the template on the mailer (or put a copy of the plan inside) and mail it to some..." | over 8 years ago
ecta64 "I have to try some stuff with Meshmixer. I downloaded QGIS too (used to have a ESRI license but it ran out so it should be fun to try a FOSS altern..." | over 8 years ago
ecta64 "Thanks. I'm not sure if it can accept GPS data since the software seems to be designed for small models. I will check on that. " | over 8 years ago
ecta64 "Not cool. Please don't post unless you are doing something of scientific merit and not a spam advertisement. " | Read more » over 8 years ago
ecta64 "ICE has been working out quite well on subsequent oblique maps but it really is hit or miss. I recommend making several passes with different angle..." | over 8 years ago
ecta64 "I'm likely going to be doing just that. I also got a suction cup window thermometer so now I can get data on wind velocity/direction and temperatur..." | over 8 years ago
ecta64 "Glad to hear that people like this simple rig. It seems you get what you pay for with sensors and that frustration has led me to things like this t..." | over 8 years ago
ecta64 "Thanks. I gotta work out a few improvements but it does seem to function quite well and gives rather accurate data. I may mount it on the Public La..." | over 8 years ago
ecta64 "LOL. That's really the only way I can judge the effectiveness of the system at this time. If it can bother a high level primate then it should do s..." | almost 9 years ago
ecta64 "WOW!! That is very interesting. So the tail is just a long thin line with a streamer close to the tail junction then a number of streamers at the e..." | about 9 years ago
ecta64 " I just thought, the hybrid approach in my last comment mirrors the Dimorphodon I saw in Jurassic World. " | about 9 years ago
ecta64 "Honestly after the first day of testing things have gone a bit downhill. Beyond 20 MPH (still impressive for my small kite) I still get severe loop..." | about 9 years ago
ecta64 "you might be interested in these helikite's design " | about 9 years ago
ecta64 "That is really interesting!! I bet the visual shine off of those (let alone the possible RADAR signature if that is some type of coated metallic My..." | about 9 years ago