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Lee, NH – Help and learn about documenting cover crops using balloon mapping and spectral analysis

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On Wednesday, May 23 at noon, folks will be gathering in Lee, NH to document several cover crop trials which are part of the sustainable agriculture program at the University of New Hampshire and as part of the PhD program for Dorn Cox of Green Start ( On the primary plot we’ll be assessing woodash, carbon amendments, and the effect on organic no-till hairy vetch. The vetch plots with the high carbon woodash amendments should be clearly visible from overhead. Dorn Cox hopes this will make the data more accessible for presentations. There is potential for spectral analysis to possibly provide a quantitative analysis for field trials in the future (micro remote sensing for agricultural plots as an alternative to hand sampling). The other plots, should we have time, will document a variety of replicated covercrop trial plots including tillage radish, winter rye, crimson clover, and many more. Public Laboratory cofounder Jeffrey Warren and other Public Labs contributors such as Chris Fastie with his near-infrared-camera rig ( will be joining us to help with out with the balloon mapping of the plots. Check out the Public Laboratory site for more information on balloon mapping ( and spectral analysis (

Location and Time Wednesday, May 23, 2012 @ noon Meet at 59 Randall Rd, Lee NH and then off to the fields.

Contact Feel free to send questions to R.J. Steinert on his contact form at or call Dorn Cox at 603-781-6030.


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