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Last week in Google Summer of Code

by warren | June 13, 2016 16:13 13 Jun 16:13 | #13191 | #13191

Update: This whole post was written, from start to finish, in the prototype #rich-editor!

Hi, all - we had some great work this past week, and I wanted to share some statistics from our Github Pulse page:

Excluding merges, 4 authors have pushed 44 commits to master and 44 commits to all branches. On master, 85 files have changed and there have been 2,782 additions and 161 deletions.

Thanks to everyone for your great work! All five GSoC students left updates:

Lalith Rallabhandi writes of the Rich Profiles project:

This week I worked on improvements to basic tagging, fixed couple of bugs. Admin can manage tags of other users and UserTag is saved based on the target user. I started location tagging prototype and working on backend functionality.

Ananyo Maiti writes of the Question and Answer project:

Applause for the great work going on. This week I have worked on the answering system for the Q & A system. The Post, edit and delete functionalities for answers work now. Like button is introduced for answers. Details of work can be seen in pull request Also fixed a couple of bugs in pull request

image description

Richard Meister writes of the WebJack project (pictured above):

During this week I fixed an issue with the decoder and documented its functionality in a readme (, which will be released as a research note soon. The demo site was enhanced ( and I started to modify the modem.js library for compatibility with SoftModem encoding (#2 dolske/modem.js).

Jitesh Jha writes of the Internationalization project:

This week I have added language switching controls on the bottom-right section of footer, and worked on creation of a new controller to set the chosen locale for every page of the website. A new PR will come up before Monday :)

Ujitha Perera writes of the Advanced Search project:

Last week developed functioning resource based search and built basic changes for the REST API integration. Required functional tests also added. This week we hope to add more tests cases and finish this task, then we are moving for solr integration and build required wrapper methods to connect with current search process.


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