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Chestnut Hill Reservoir Coordinates 42°20′6.30″N71°9′30.52″W Type Freshwater Conductivity My guess is that the conductivity is low because the water is not used for anything else other than storage purposes. Therefore, there is probably not that much pollution in the reservoir since it has not seen much action in many years.

A reservoir created in 1870 on existing marshes to help Boston with its water supply. A 1.56 mile jogging loop surrounds the reservoir. Chestnut Hill Reservoir was taken offline in 1978 as it was no longer needed for regular water supply distribution, but is maintained in emergency backup status. It is recognized today on the National Register of Historic Places and it has designation as a City of Boston Landmark. The water is apparently completely safe for drinking.


Harvard Coordinates 980 Memorial Dr. Cambridge Ma


Kendall Coordinates 42°21'46"N 71°4'54"W

Charles River: (Harvard and Kendall Canoe Kayaking Dock)

Type River Water Conductivity My guess is that the water will have high conductivity because of the Charles river's history.

The Kendall water sampling was close to the mouth of Charles River and is also a dock where the canoes and kayaks park during the summer season. My other sample was just taken by Harvard Square this may make some difference when measuring conductivity.

The Charles River divides Boston and Cambridge. The river runs for 80 miles and empties out into the Boston Harbor. The Charles River is named after the King of England Charles I. The Charles River is infamously known for being very polluted. It was not uncommon to see toxins changing the color of the water to a strange orange and pink tint. Once the popularity of its pollution became noticeable many public beaches were shut down. Then in 1995 the United States Environmental Protection Agency challenged to make the water in the Charles Swimmable by 2005. In July 2007 the city hosted the Charles River Master Swim Race in order to prove the safety of the water


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Good research note. Do you have a third sample?

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