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OAuth-based login for FB, Twitter

by siaw23 | March 18, 2017 11:49 18 Mar 11:49 | #14033 | #14033

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About me

My name is Emmanuel Hayford. I am a Rails developer and a final year computer student at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. I have been working with Ruby and Rails for about five years. Ruby is my go to language. I program and like working on projects, be it personal or commercial, more so if the project has something to do with Ruby. I am originally from Ghana but live in Poland.

Affiliation: Wroclaw University of Technology

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Project description

I would like to integrate Facebook/Twitter login into Plot. This is a simple but useful enough feature to not consider.

Abstract/summary (<20 words):



Repeated tasking like having to type in emails followed by password can be a reason for someone not to use a site at all. The extra process is redundant when we have tools like one-click logging from Facebook and Twitter. Almost everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account now. And giving the a reason and and easier one to login and use a website is a nice thing to have. _


***Break your project up into small projects -- one per week!***


Usually open source projects leverage other open source resources. I won't need any extra resource except the time of my mentor in completing this task.


Forked project but locally. Not running on the cloud.


***Tell us how you've learned about writing software; what languages you've been learning, if you've worked on other projects, links to GitHub or other code repositories or samples.

Have you looked over our welcome page and are you familiar with how to make your first contribution? Have you already?***


The tools we usually used were GitHub, Skype and Slack. Just a few of the example or how I communicated with my team. I was usually solving issues and submitting them while scheduling a time to discuss my changes/additions with my mentor and seeking advice at the same time when I needed. Self motivation came from being able to solve tasks and getting the approval from my mentor. My main aim is to strive for completing tasks and ticking out "to-dos". This gives me satisfaction. Considering that most documentation is in English, self sufficiency has never been a problem.


I am more interested in the technology stack of your projects. The frameworks, language and tools you use are stuff I love and work with on a daily basis. It's exciting to continue developing oneself in the skill one knows already. I can't see anything more exciting that that.


***Whom do you want your work to help? We especially appreciate proposals which make technologies and techniques more welcoming and friendly to those who've often been excluded.***


Summer is usually a free period for most full-time students. This is not different with me. I have 3 months to my disposal and I'd want to make meaningful use of it.


@warren @liz please let me know if someone is actively working on this, if not then i'll submit a full proposal.

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Hi, @siaw23 - thank you; do you see this as a project you might be able to do in addition to a Rails upgrade in your other proposal? Or are they too much for one summer, taken together?

Thank you!

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And I don't think I've seen active work on this yet but we are interested, thank you!

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@warren. I can add this to the upgrade. this one is not hard to implement :)

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