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Public Lab community newsletter 7.27.12

by Shannon | July 28, 2012 03:16 28 Jul 03:16 | #3005 | #3005

Hope that everyone is having a great Friday evening (or in some places Saturday morning, Friday afternoon...)! This week in the Public Lab community newsletter, check out the DIY glove box that students at Parts & Crafts in Somerville, MA created, get together with some of your fellow Public Lab friends in Berkeley, CA for the kite festival this weekend and get involved with testing photostrips that sense for Hydrogen Sulfide. Enjoy!

  1. Bay area kite festival Public Lab gathering. Over the last week, a bunch of people in the Bay area have been emailing about getting together at the Berkeley Kite Fest over July 28-29. From the most recent email it sounds like people are planning on meeting tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Should be a great chance to test fly kite designs and meet others in the community!

  2. Hydrogen Sulfide photostrip testing in New Orleans. If you're interested in coming out for the second testing of photostrips in Bayou Sauvage, a group will be heading out at 6am Thursday morning. Send me an email ( if you'd like to participate.

  3. Film canister donations. Currently people are purchasing film negative canisters from ebay for use with the Hydrogen Sulfide photostrip test. After calling photography stores and talking to a few people on this list, these canisters seem like a popular item for people to hold onto. If you're interested in donating old canisters (black ones preferable, but clear are okay as well), please send me an email.

  4. Shenandoah valley aerial mapping workshop. People that participated in the Shenandoah mapping workshop this past weekend, have started a new site page and received coverage about their plans for aerial mapping.

  5. Mapping salt marshes. Gena Wirth (Dredge Research Collaborative) wrote a research note this past week on mapping salt marsh reconstruction in Jamaica Bay, NYC. She also sent an email out to the list asking for input from people that have worked in salt marsh areas. Please leave a comment on her note or email her if you are such as person.

  6. Gallery exhibit opportunity in NYC. The Public Lab community is participating in a gallery exhibit at Parsons this fall, get in touch if you want to join in!

  7. Blog on balloon workshop in Portugal. James Bridle wrote a great post on teaching an aerial mapping workshop in Guimaraes, Portugal.

  8. And last but not least, research notes from the past week: UV detection of oil/corexit of Gulf beaches (posted by eustatic) Oil residue preparation for spectroscopy (posted by warren) DIY light Delta kite (posted by safidy) My first "person aerial photo-mapping session with balloons or kites", a fundraising auction item, was successful (posted by patcoyle) Prototyping a kite for kids (posted by Oscar Brett) Prototype DIY glove box (posted by warren)

Have a great weekend! If you have additional news, please post a research note, send it to the list or email for inclusion in the newsletter next week.


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