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Public Lab community newsletter 9.28.12

by gonzoearth | September 29, 2012 05:14 29 Sep 05:14 | #4093 | #4093

Zoom! Another busy week around Public Lab. Here is a roundup of some of the things going on in our community.

Super video demo of thermal infrared spectroscopy 
Jeri Ellsworth demonstrates detecting fluorocarbon with mid-infrared sensing

Bike Helmet cam over Los-Angeles
 Title says it all...

plots-spectrometry discussion list
 Lots of discussion this week on materials, calibration, diffraction, and detection, to only name a few of the threads!

publiclaboratory discussion list 
MakerBot going closed source, Farm Hack, CHDK, and H2S generation were among the topics this week.

Scistarter Blog
 “SciStarter and PLOTS are working together to help connect PLOTS tools and innovations to the growing community of citizen scientists and formal researchers.”

 Flying kites, converting cameras, 360 panos, generating lifting gas and more!

Brainstorming raspberry pi based dual imaging kit
 Creating composite NRG and NDVI images on the fly.

Converting a Canon A2200 for NIR 
Ned Horning provides excellent notes and images of the conversion.

 Chris Fastie provides some background and current thoughts on generating 360° panoramic images.

Touch|Play|Learn: A space to explore and create 
ExCiteS reports on community based science learning in environmentally and ecologically considered surroundings.

Bread Loaf Ortho
 Wonderful research note from a mapping party at the Bread Loaf Campus of Middlebury College.


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