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The Titan II, Unpacked

by geraldmc | November 08, 2014 20:08 08 Nov 20:08 | #11326 | #11326


Recently we purchased a Titan II rig from the KAPtery and wanted to share our complete satisfaction with the experience. This particular Titan II will be used to help manage nitrogen fertilizer use on a sugarcane farm in south Louisiana. More on that in a later post.

The Package

The Titan II ships in a well organized and safe environment (probably the last safe environment it will ever see).


Out of the box all components are easy to identify:


The package includes a 3D printed camera suspension rig, a 3D printed timer housing, a battery case, and USB cables to carry pulses from timer to the USB port of each camera:


Two refurbished Canon PowerShot S100s are included, along with a timer to synchronize the shutters of each. 4 GB SD cards come with CHDK installed.


Expect numerous nice touches to improve your overall purchasing experience. It's convenient having each camera battery clearly labeled with the serial number of the camera to which it belongs.


First Flight


The Titan II comes prepared for flight. We connected the cameras to the rig, attached the bumpers, adjusted the timer and internal clocks of each camera, and were off.

Early Results

Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) is a tropical perennial grass harvested over a multi-year cycle. We'll probably be at this for a while. The KAPtery is helping bring us up to speed on the first part.


NDVI and RGB images of Louisiana sugarcane captured from a kite, altitude of about 65 meters.

The Verdict


The Titan II even gets His Blessing...


Yikes. I didn't know the stakes were so high. Whew.

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I've purchased a titan from Chris Fastie as well, and have to agree that his product and service is terrific! Thanks Chris for your great support!

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Excellent note. remind me to post estimated weights of each component.

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