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The impact of gambling on mood and the human condition

by denisshpak | September 09, 2017 11:12 09 Sep 11:12 | #14872 | #14872

Usually online casino games are considered to be something not very good, a kind of social taboo. However, this industry is booming and drags more and more people. Is the problem you can look from a scientific point of view.

According to research by American neurological Association, published in the journal "Neuron", during the game the player's brain be a giant biochemical reactions, the mechanism of which resemble the intoxication of strong narcotic substances such as cocaine and heroin. The player experiences a feeling of euphoria, he has frequent breathing and heartbeat, attenuated response to pain and external stimuli, comes the manic state of obsession characteristic of consciousness intoxicated with hard drugs.

Moreover, in contrast to them, in general, the mood of the player is improved, if before it was bad, and worse if it was positive.

That is part in gambling casino games almost acts as a kind of an antidepressant, but at the same time harms the mood, if psyche is in order.

Besides, just like hard drugs, gambling leads to rapid habituation. And dependence syndrome, called "gambling" to get rid of which often so as hard as it is to get rid of narcotic dependence. So, dear readers, we encourage you to think twice, if you wish to participate in online casino games, especially if you have a good mood...

But if you do decide to participate in gambling games, we recommend you to do it a little. To be sure to protect yourself from the temptation to spend a lot of money choose an online casino where there is a threshold on the size of bets. In this case, even if you can't stop, you will be harder to lose large sums of money, as this also takes time.

Game small is what you need to set the mood. Even if you lose, the adrenaline from the excitement will still be a positive influence on your mood. If you think about it, often people quite seriously spent on shopping and entertainment, just for fun. So the game is in principle possible, but for God's sake, don't lose this control. Intemperance in any occupation brings only one injury!


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