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iFarm aeries

by cfastie | May 23, 2014 01:35 23 May 01:35 | #10503 | #10503

Above: Severine flying the Redstone Rig.

On Saturday afternoon at IFarm last weekend, aerial photos were taken from multirotor and fixed wing aircraft, and from a kite. When the powered flights were finished, I made my first ever flight with a Redstone Rig. Even though I have been encouraging others to print them and buy them from me, I had not yet gotten around to trying a Redstone Rig. Under a Fled kite and a yellow Picavet, with a Canon S95 shooting every five seconds, the rig worked just as expected.

A Canon S95 on the Redstone Rig under a Picavet suspension.
I pointed the camera in the general direction of the Tuckaway Farm complex, and below is a stitched panorama from six photos.

View over Tuckaway Farm from under a Fled kite.
When the rig came down, we got some practice making aeries (aerial selfies).

That's Jeff, Ned, Don, Christine, Abe, Louis, Severine, and Graham.

There is more to come from the other flights that day, but the stitching job from the Bixler flight is slow. Maybe I will report on the quadcopter flight with Mobius ActionCam Infragram next.


Looking good!

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