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by bvkiran | August 18, 2016 04:43 18 Aug 04:43 | #13361 | #13361

We are lauching a new startup

All guest are invited for the launch of our startup

  I am Dr Kiran, member of PepperScience is a new startup based on the belief that at present, science becomes more and more about climbing corporate career ladders and less and less about interesting journeys of the mind, so the public's distrust of scientists and their work seems to grow. 
  This alienation of general public from active participation from research has been source of inspiration to start an alternative platform, through which public can influence researchers to respond to the interests and needs of society.
  Our startup pepperscience is trying to solve this problem by creating a common platform for research community, fellow researchers and public to share new research advancements in research in the form of  laysummaries  and with ZERO BURDEN on the researcher!!!

It is based on core-principles of public participation, open access and meaningful research.

That said, here it is your invite to Pepper Science - private beta.

Please click this link to get started: show me the beta!

We don’t want to be a newspaper of deals and truthfully – that “I’m not selling anything...

If you like the concept, you can encourage us by your word of mouth campaigns to your fellow researchers, colleagues, and friends. You encouragement means a lot for us!!!

Please reach me directly should you want to talk about anything! From your experience on


With regards, Pepper Science -Team.


house no-02 Shrinath society, Bavla, Ahmedabad, Guarat, India

Ph. 7359411749

This event is on 08-18-2016 iCal

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