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Mobile Spectrometer Design Update

by BradDudenhoffer | February 23, 2013 21:40 23 Feb 21:40 | #6106 | #6106

Here is a quick update on the mobile spectrometer design. There are quite a few changes to the last design I had to make in order to make a moldable product. I'm so used to 3D printing that I often forget the limitations of other types of production.

(click any of the thumbnails for the full image)



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Hi Jeff, no link to post about 220V connectors, so posting here... an IEC panel-mounted plug is the way many instruments go about getting juice. Much easier to get than, e.g. an Aussie plug-on-a-lead. If it just feeds a transformer to lower Voltage, maybe a low-voltage input could be available for a user to get a local plug-pack (a.k.a. wall wart) at a saving in weight for freight.

Cheers, BrianC

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