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Replicating a 37 year old kite anemometer

by ecta64 | December 02, 2016 23:26 02 Dec 23:26 | #13739 | #13739

Recently I received a kite made by Matthew. This was one of his replicas of the TALA kite that He and I had posted numerous other notes about. He has done a fantastic job reproducing the kite in exact detail. Below are some photos of his kite compared to the actual kite design. He has also chronicled information, plans and images here:

Matthew's replica:image description

2 images of the actual TALA:image description

Close-up of the bridle attachment point. It consists of a 1/8 inch dowel or bamboo skewer that is attached to the cloth style Tyvek sail by a large piece of shipping tape.
image description

Clore-up of the tail bridle attachment points both front and back:image description

image description

View of the top spar attachment and leading edge reinforcement:image description

These are the "breakout" points for the flexible spar. One more is visible near the tail bridle attachment:image description

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