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High wind range tailless sled kite design

by ecta64 | November 01, 2016 04:41 01 Nov 04:41 | #13669 | #13669

found a interesting sled kite derivation in a .PDF freely available on the Drachen Foundation website. It has a claimed wind range of 3-30mph! Tests so far have been intriguing though in my case I have, at times, encountered a wobbling oscillation that ends in the kite turning and accelerating into the ground. This did not happen the first 8 flights and only occurred every other flight after that so it may be something to do with certain wind conditions creating more turbulence where I fly. Others who have built the kite have not encountered this and despite my issues I do see promise. The pull is quite amazing for it's size and you could loft mobius cameras with ease. It could almost qualify as an indoor kite (when straw spars are used) and high altitudes are possible with minimal wind. It can structurally hold up to very high winds though I recommend using hardwood dowels instead of straws for spars.

__ Weather_Book_7-11-11.pdf Book in .PDF form hereimage descriptionimage description

I should note in my tests so far the spars on the keels have proven to be optional Book 7-11-11.pdf book available here. The other kites are interesting as well.


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