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Milkshake Straw Nano KAP Rig

by ecta64 | April 28, 2017 20:51 28 Apr 20:51 | #14147 | #14147

I happened across this site: which discusses single point KAP suspension ideas. The wind vane rig was appealing but I didn't have any time to go to the hardware store. After rummaging through some cabinets I found some thick milkshake straws. I decided to improvise and build a rig for my 808 key fob camera that is light enough to be flown on my 18 inch tall TALA kite anemometer kite.

image description

I cut one straw down the middle (lengthwise) and then folded (lengthwise) it so it doesn't curl back. I then simply taped it to the back of the first straw and rubber banded the camera to it. I then made a 2 leg bridle and attached it by slip-knot to the CG and the back of the "vane". This will then be suspended from another short length which attaches to the flying line.

image description

Regardless of how its made I do believe these wind vane rigs are really intriguing and I recommend every KAPper to give it a try.

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